Do I need an Architect?

It's important to initially assess whether the project you have in mind requires an Architect. An Architects training allows them to take your brief and assess its immediate requirements, while further considering the bigger picture. Early involvement of an Architect allows them to acquire important context and knowledge about your project; Ultimately, preventing problems from occurring, offering more opportunity for design and expansion, and, achieving an increased understanding of the fundamental needs of your project. If you're still unsure whether you need an Architect, you can learn more about our Architectural services here. 

For further guidance on working with an Architect for your home please click here.

What Services do Fabric Provide?

At Fabric, we design, we build, and, we deliver. We provide a seamless service which can take a project from inception through to delivery with one single point of contact. We achieve this through our in house collaboration of Architect's designers and Master craftsmen who creatively combine to develop a project throughout its lifetime. Our wide range of expertise can be applied to such services as:

  • Domestic remodelling
  • New build dwellings
  • Home extensions
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Commercial developments
  • Commercial refurbishments

How much are Architect Fees?

At fabric every project is bespoke and unique to one another, we take pride in tailoring our fees to specific services, budgets, project needs and, individual aspirations. 

How involved can I be?

We like to allow our clients the opportunity to be involved in their project as much or as little as they wish to be. Our main aim is to deliver the perfect project for you based on your concept and vision. If you prefer ourselves to take the lead we're more than happy to use our varied expertise and experience to deliver the best project for you. Equally, should you choose to be at the heart of your proposal we love working closely with our clients across all project stages. 

Why Fabric?

At Fabric we are proud to offer a service very rare to our industry, we design, we build, and, we deliver; Ultimately, we have a shared passion for producing high-quality architecture with inspiring design at its very core. We are more than just a design and construction practice; as a collective of chartered architects, designers, innovative thinkers, master craftsmen and skilled builders, we can proactively produce creative schemes which perform when built. 

What kind of projects do you take on?

At Fabric we would love to be able to work on projects of all sizes and budgets, however, our size and service aspirations dictate that our construction services are best suited for schemes with a construction cost above £200,000. We do, however, love to offer our architectural services for smaller schemes, so please feel free to get in touch. For us, we must be honest and open from the onset, so we hope you can understand the constraints derived from the services and experience we wish to offer. 

How much does a new build house cost to build?

Every project is unique to one another and so it can be hard to provide generic advice on what a new build one-off house will cost to build due to the many variables which influence this. As a rough guide, a lower end development could start at approximately £2,500 / m², a figure which can quickly rise dependent upon site-specific factors, design aspirations, project specification and included/excluded aspects. 

Where do you work?

Our work is primarily based around the midlands and the Cotswolds, but, we have several projects arising further afield in the UK. At Fabric we love to work in varied environments and we do not wish for a location to be too restricting on where we work, sitting centrally in the country we can be easily connected.  

How long does a project take?

Every project will vary in the time it takes to go from inception through to handover; However, Fabric's unique model of an in house architectural and construction team saves vasts amounts of time against these been separate elements. We can get onto site far faster through omitting costly and time consuming competitive tender stages while holistically developing our technical and construction understanding from the beginning reducing unforeseen costs.

From a design perspective, we often deliver a design through to planning consent within 6-9 months. Technical Design usually takes 1-4 months dependent upon the complexity with construction taking from 8-14 months. This is very broad guidance as many factors can influence this, however, we provide a programme at the very start of the project and we continually monitor this throughout.